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DL7APV ist mein Amateurfunk Rufzeichen und ich beschäftige mich seit 1983 mit Funkverbindungen auf 432MHz die den Mond als passiven Reflektor nutzen; kurz: EME (Erde-Mond-Erde)

DL7APV is my HAM radio call and my main interest since 1983 is 432MHz EME earth-moon-earth (EME) communication were we use the moon as passive reflector.



Happy new year all!!!



Moon calendar

432 MHz   Antenna     128x11el. DG7YBN design

Sun noise at Flux of 30 (@432MHZ) is abt. 22.6 dB

Beamwidth H=1.8° V=3.8° !!!

Received beacons



new antenna 128y

Station & QTH

Einweihung 2018


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History in Berlin

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FAQ doppler

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More about pulsar hunting

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Participate in JAXA next moon mission, more


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EME -NL & more



next total moon eclipse is may 15-16

(in Berlin at moonset so only partial visible, start 1:30 UTC)

and partial solar eclipse in Europe oct 25

(in Berlin max 32% abt. 9-11 UTC)


10.Juni 2021


Sun noise vs time during the eclipse, theoretical maximum was around 10:45UTC what can be confirmed with the data. The eclipse was about 13,5% here, means about 0,7dB less sun noise what can be confirmed as well. The zigzag line is due to the autotrack and very small main lobe!

The fist peak at 9:15 might be qrm or a sun eruption??




With this antenna it is possible to work EME, with only a dipole!


Give it a try! Like MX0CNS did!




For Skeds drop me a mail to

D  L  7  A  P  V     a  t    g  m   x  .  d   e


Or find me on N0UK logger or HB9Q 432 chat.




Longer missing QSLs from UR3VKC

….so PLEASE QSLL ! paper card would be great, but eqsl or LOTW is also welcome!




Stay healthy in this crazy times !!!!


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